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A Holiday Everyone Can Enjoy

We at May’s Gluten Free Market have spent several months attending trade shows, requesting samples, and compiling lists of our favorite gluten free specialty items for your convenience and enjoyment.  While much is locally sourced from our favorite New England brands, we have included delightful treats from across the country, and beyond!  From a Kid Friendly Gift Set with plenty to delight young children to a sophisticated Premium Gift Set stocked full of luxurious chocolates and top quality treats, we know this will be the perfect gift for the host, co-worker, sibling, grandchild, neighbor, or friend who is on a gluten free (or vegan!) diet.


Our Holiday Baskets

Kid's Delight

Being a kid with gluten sensitivity or Celiac can be hard. This basket is here to lift their spirits!

This basket is sure to bring a smile to the child in your life who often feels left out of celebrations centering around food.

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Vegan's Retreat

Our top picks for Vegan and Gluten Free treats that are a classic for the holidays, whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hannukah!

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This may be our least expensive gift set, but it hits the highlights!  Holiday popcorn, gourmet chocolate, local cured meats–this has it all!

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Ready to really “wow” someone special in your life?  This gift set has the highlights as well as local and regional favorites!

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Not only does this gift set include our premium boat tote, but it is filled to the brim with beautifully packaged premium items that will delight the gluten free foodie in your life!

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Basket Features

Carefully Curated for You.

Ditch the Basket

Instead of a basket that has very little use and ends up thrown out,  we opted for a reusable shopping tote made of high-quality canvas.

A taste of New England

Many of the items in each basket are sourced from small local brands in New England. National brands are also predominantly small-batch artisan made with a focus on supporting responsible and ethical makers.

A perfect Gift

It can be a challenge to find safe, gluten free food gifts for those with severe allergies or Celiac.  Let us handle this for you!

A Reason to Celebrate

Whatever you chose to celebrate, make sure the important people in your life ALL feel included!  It will mean the world to that friend or family member to know you were thinking of them.

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Holiday Baskets

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